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Dhanajaya Bandara is one of the gifted, youthful faces that can be seen in the bridal and beauty industry. He has without a doubt captured many hearts of brides by his sheer taste and understanding of what best suits the bride.

Dhanajaya Bandara showed interest in the art of Bridal dressing at the very young age of ten. Having a mother who was already in the industry, he grew up with her influence. He, even today at the height of his success considers his mother as a guardian angel who supported his endeavors. He entered the industry even before he completed his Advanced Level examinations. Having self-taught and perfected the art by the time he completed his school career, Dhanajaya Bandara was stable in his field.

Having his mother and God-Father Haris Wijesinghe who he was closely acquainted with as his mentors he has worked his way up to making a day that matters to everyone the most beautiful.

Dhanajaya Bandara is not just a Bridal Dresser he is also a Designer, a Beautician and a Fashion Consultant. For him his profession is not a day to day mundane occupation, it is his life, and what better way to live life other than adding a bit more beauty to the world.


Your wedding day is a magical day, no doubt it is special for you and we know that you have already planned your dream wedding, so, tell us about it. Let us make it perfect with touches of our design. Let us harmonize your wishes with the beauty of your skin tone and loveliness of your face and the elegance of your body. Here at Dhanajaya Bandara's Bridal Salon we bring out that inner beauty in you.

Dhanajaya Bandara himself will dress the bride as he understands the importance of your day. It is his belief that beauty of the bride comes with every aspect of the bride complementing one another.

Our services include:

  • Bridal dressing: Let us make you the most beautiful you want to be.
  • Hair and Make-up: Everything to suit nature's gifts to you.
  • Retinue Bridal outfit and dressing: We know you have selected who matters to you, let them add to the beauty
  • Going away: Leave in splendor
  • Homecoming: Enter your home in elegance
  • Fashion Consultancy: If you need our expertise
  • Designing: We harmonize your skin tone, Face shape and body shape to a style that best suits you.


Harris Wijeyasinghe

Harris Wijeyasinghe

"I met Dhanajaya when he was very young. We have a very personal relationship. I feel like he would have been my son in a previous birth. I noticed his talent from the very beginning and encouraged him. I believe his mother was his pillar of strength for his development. Of course it should be mentioned that Dhanajaya is a person with an inborn talent. I may have given him a push by letting him look at my work but I was not his teacher. He created his identity for himself with his talent and a little bit of guidance.

The Bridal field is a very challenging field, I always tell him that religion should be his guide. Today, he has done well, he has brushed up and developed immensely. He has come up in the field quite fast and is now quite a household name. His creations are lovely and I am extremely happy about his success."

Sangeetha Weeraratne

Sangeetha Weeraratne

"I met Dhanajaya about 14 years ago. I think, he dressed me as a bride for a show before I got married. I immediately recognized his talent. He has grown so much over the years.

What I like about him is that he keeps the tradition alive in his designs and modernizes where necessary. It is always a very good combination and he makes sure they complement one another. He probably does the best make-up in the country and I always go to him whenever I have to go somewhere. He is an extremely talented person whose designs are quite inspiring."

Ramani Fernando

Ramani Fernando

"I have always admired Dhananjayas work and I always knew that he would hit the top in his chosen work. His humility and willingness to help others makes him a very special person, I wish him all the best."


No we are not open on Sundays and Public Holidays. Our opening hours are: Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 5:00 pm.
We can do a tentative reservation over the phone. It will only be valid only for one week. Within this week you have to conform the reservation by making an advance payment.
We always advice our clients to book the date as early as possible, we have ‘first come first serve’ procedure. Therefore, after week if someone is ready to pay an advance for the date, we are obligated to book it for them. However in case of such a scenario, we will always call you and verify whether you still need the date. If anyone doesn’t come to book the same date; your booking will remain as it is even if it’s over one week.
Sorry, we do not give our prices over the phone or through email. We will be happy to help you if you come to our Kassapa road office. We will be able provide you with a quotation and any other details. We are open Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00pm
No we do not have any packages; we only have the individual prices.
Yes, you have to come to our studio. However, if you require us to come to a place of your choice, we will consider it according to our availability. However this service will be double the price for the bridal dressing.
No, we don’t. You will have to pay advance payment to book the date, we expect you to pay the rest of the amount on the day of the trial, which would be 3-4 days before the Wedding.
No, he would not. We will send our assistants to the hotel to prepare you for your ‘Going away’.
If the location is in a nearby area you will not be required to pay for transport.
Jewelry should be returned as early as possible. We expect the Jewelry to be returned to us before 10.00 am of the following day. Normally brides come to our studio after the function to return the jewelry.
Of Course, you can. It is your day after all. On your first appointment Dhananjaya will ask your preferences for your dream wedding and your requirement as a bride. He will listen to you first and design your bridal.
You can Pop into our office, any day between Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm to book the date. An appointment won’t be necessary. You will have to make an advance payment of LKR20,000 for the wedding, LKR30,000 for the Wedding & Home Coming , LKR20,000 for the Home Coming and LKR10,000 for the Engagement.
You have to make an appointment to see Dhananjaya Bandara. Once you book the date for your function we can give you an appointment to have a meeting with Dhananjaya. We usually give our first appointment 8 months prior to the wedding.
You have to come for 6 appointments.

1- First appointment with Dhananjaya
2-Appointment to show the saree
3-Select Fabric
5-Fit on
This discussion will be free; you can tell Dhananjaya what you have in mind about how you want to look as a Bride. He will advise you about the colour for the saree and the type of material that will best suit you.
We can recommend a few saree shops to you. You can go to any shop to get an idea about the sarees. However, you are only allowed to bring the sarees from one shop. You can select few sarees according to the colour and the material Dhananjaya has advised and ask shop assistants to send the sarees to our studio.

Once you get the appointment from us, you should let the Saree shop know that you have appointment on particular date and time, then they will send the sarees you selected on time to our Studio.
Your third appointment with Dhananjaya will be about selecting the fabric for your bridesmaids. Once you get the appointment from us you have to come to the fabric shop with your saree. Dhananjaya will design Bride’s, maids, and Flower Girls outfits on that day. If you have any particular colour and design for bridesmaids, you can discuss that colour and design with Dhananjaya. This appointment will last for 45 minutes.
After you bought the fabric you have to get an appointment from us for measurements. Mostly our Kandian outfits are done by our Panadura Workshop and Indian & Western dressers done by our Mount Lavinia workshop. You have to hand over the fabric to the workshop on the day assigned for your measurements.
We normally call you for the fit-on three weeks before the wedding, your shoes are compulsory for the fit on. Normally we have only one fit on; it will last for 2 hours. The crew should come on the same date for their fit on as well.
The trial would usually be kept 3-4 days before the wedding. We will give you an appointment for the trial. You should bring your shoes, jewelry, and dressers you got for the trial. The trial will last up to 30 minutes.
No we don’t do only the hair and makeup for the bride. Dhananjaya provides a complete bridal package which includes hair, makeup, outfit designing, and stitching.
No, as mentioned before, Dhanajaya provides the full bridal package. This system helps us to coordinate the bridal to perfection. Therefore it is required that the outfit be designed and stitched by us.
No, we undertake the designing and stitching of the Bridesmaids as well. It is important that every component of your wedding complements one another.
Yes, we can get it arranged for you and our talented assistants will help you in that. Feel free to contact us for more details.
Yes, we can provide you with an assistant if you request for it. However we will be charging for this service. You will be able to make this request on your trial date.

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